Let   your light


Mattew 5:16

 About Shine Camp

It all began in my living room with seven girls...My ninth grade daughter asked if she and her friends could do Bible study together. So, every Friday night for the entire summer, she and her best friends gathered for fun, food, prayer, and Bible study. Unable to find a study that addressed their needs for their age, I wrote one.
That was fourteen years ago.
Today this study is used with church groups and in home studies across America. I am so grateful for my daughter's surprising, and rather fearful, proposal. But after all these years, I see clearly this was God's plan. From a small living room with seven teenage girls, to a conference center. May we remember that God is always up to something good in our lives-and often way bigger than we could have imagined.
Shine On!

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"Equipping middle and high school girls with Biblical principles that enable them to embrace their identity in Christ, strengthen their relationship with God, use their gifts and talents for God’s glory, impact the community, and shine!


-Your Identity in Christ
-Inner and Outer Beauty
-Discovering Talents & Purpose

-Comfortable and casual clothes
-Swimsuit with towel and sunscreen
-Shoes for outdoor activities
-Bible with pen / pencil
-Bag lunch for picnic on Thursday


The Impact

to Bring

-High School Senior

"I was very reluctant to come to Shine Camp. I was pressured into coming because of my mom and church. I love God and spending time studying his word with friends, but I just thought that Shine Camp would be boring, chaotic, and for little girls only. When I came, everyone was very positive and welcoming. Everyone here was like rays of sunshine, especially Mrs. Debbie. The videos, topics, and discussions were all awesome and relatable. My favorite part of Shine Camp was the group discussions. To be able to talk to Christian girls my age who can relate to me and share experiences that can help me was awesome. Everyone and everything at Shine Camp is amazing and worth it. I’m so glad I came. I will carry every memory and lesson I learned for the rest of my life.

Kind Words

-High School Freshman

"Before I came here, my youth group wasn’t taking me in the right direction in my walk with Jesus, but this week I feel like I got more here than I ever will with my youth group! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK NEXT YEAR!!"

-High School Senior

"Shine Camp has been an awesome experience! As one of the oldest girls, I have really loved watching the younger girls grow to love Jesus like I do, all while growing myself."

-7th Grader

"I was saved here...So Amazing!"

-8th Grader

"SHINE Camp was just the best Bible experience I have ever had!"