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Bible Study Description for Teens:

Shine! Radiating the Love of God - Designed Exclusively for Young Women Ages 13-18.

Audience: Teens, 7th-12th grade or ages 13-18

Summary: Shine! Women Radiating the Love of God is a fun, interactive Bible study that reinforces the wisdom of God’s word. The study has the topics, questions and challenges that teens from 7th-12th grade face in school or any group setting: self-confidence and acceptance, inner and outer beauty, modesty, boys, gossip, friends, stress and busyness, discovering one’s special gifts and talents, and finding time to daily spend time with God.Shine! Women Radiating the Love of God addresses the challenges that young ladies face in one complete book and will equip them for the peer pressures they face, help them know their self-worth and believe it, discover that God has a purpose for their life, understand that God’s way is for our good, and look for their unique gifts and talents God gave them.


As I read this study for teen leaders or mothers and daughters, I became convinced that this is the very Scriptural teaching young girls need to hear today as they face the challenges of growing up while still remaining close to the Lord. Deborah shares from her own experiences and her own rich study of the Word. This is truly an inspired work by a truly inspiring teacher and speaker. I highly recommend it for all mothers of teenage daughters.

Ann Tatlock, award-winning author

I love the way Deborah gives confidence to the girls, enabling them to feel loved, and lovely, and precious to God. They will want to respond with the best that’s in them, not because He “demands” it but because of love. So encouraging, inspiring!

Yvonne Lehman, award-winning author

Mrs. Presnell’s Bible study has helped me keep in mind the important things- number one, God! But she also taught me about friends, boys, and modesty. She helped me learn what my true friends do to show that they are really true friends. She taught me how God wants me to look and act and what to look out for in boys. Her study made me open up and make personal connections… especially in the boys study. I’ll always be thankful for her teaching me this Bible study.

Katie, 8th Grade Participant

This Bible study has been so amazing and helpful to me. I am not afraid about school drama after this. The study showed me how to find true and trustworthy friends, and how to balance out my time. The one on boys was the most helpful. It really put it in perspective on what to look for and what not to tolerate. I love this Bible study! Thank you so much!

Julianne, 8th Grade Participant, and daughter of the author.


4 Day- Retreat

This Bible study is perfect for a 4 day retreat! Facilitators/teachers can integrate the daily Bible study (2 studies each day) and crafts with:

  • Praise & worship time with the girls favorite music
  • Free time to swim, hike, or whatever is weather appropriate and available
  • Manicures & pedicures
  • Movie night
  • Game night
  • Cooking meals and desserts together
  • Any other activity the girls decide on

A retreat like this helps to enhance friendships and accountability as well as create an overall memorable experience.